Sexual Abuse Policy

Thank you for volunteering your time to coach in our programs.  BCYA is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for our participants.
Our goal in this safe environment is to protect our participants from emotional, physical and sexual abuse.
If you see any emotional, physical and sexual abuse going on with another team, you are to report it immediately to the Commissioner of that sport and the Board.
All volunteers are required to complete the following 2 step process prior to serving in any capacity in our programs.

  1. Background Check –Valid for 1 year
  2. Concussion Training- Valid for 3 years

BCYA requires all volunteers who request to coach or assistant coach a team and/or serve as a Commissioner with the Organization to submit to a background check prior to the start of each year.
Each coach and Commissioner must pass a background check first in order to serve or otherwise be involved in any capacity in the
BCYA will utilize the following disqualifiers to determine a "Failed" background check.
1. Any sort of abuse or assault/battery — physical or sexual
2. Rape
3. Any crime of a sexual nature, including possession or   dissemination of pornography
4. Homicide or manslaughter in any degree
5. Attempted murder
6. Domestic violence
7. Child neglect
8. Felony drug crimes
9. Animal cruelty
10. Theft/robbery
11. Forgery/fraud
12. Kidnapping
13. Arson
14. Weapons violations
15. Any crime, misdemeanor or felony, involving children as either an accomplice or victim
16. Has been twice convicted during the past seven years of any combination of the following offenses:

  •  Driving While Intoxicated (DWI)
  •  Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

17. Misdemeanor violations of the Controlled Substance Act
18. Has been twice convicted for misdemeanor offenses of 4th degree or higher in the past five years
18. Failing to refuse to submit to a timely background check as required by BCYA rules and regulations
By agreeing to submit and disclose personal information to
Intellicorp, BCYA’s background check provider, the submitter expressly authorizes BCYA to process a
background check pursuant to the terms listed above. If you wish to proceed with the background check, please click on the following link